The goal of the course is to prepare its participants for carrying out comprehensive fitness classes on trampolines in a club, gym and outside. Within two days you will gain abilities and qualifications of an instructor specializing in carrying out diverse JUMPING FROG FITNESS training on innovative trampolines. You will learn the rules and tips for creating classes, exercise routines on trampolines, stages of training and how to choose the right music. The participants will practically practice and design their own classes along with setting the goals and choosing appropriate steps and exercises and they will practice specific movement activities.

The theoretical and practical part of a general course plan includes:

  • Organizing classes on trampolines
  • The role of an instructor
  • Dancing exercises and developing the love of music, shaping and relaxing exercises
  • Appropriate use of trampolines in Jumping Frog training
  • The technique of basic steps on trampolines
  • The influence of Jumping Frog on human’s body
  • The rules of preparing training on trampolines
  • Organization and marketing of recreational events
  • First aid

Duration: 2 days16 hours

The price of the course includes:

  • theoretical and practical classes
  • carrying out a test classes
  • issuing the certificate
  • Jumping Frog accessories and gadgets
  • putting your personal data in the database of certified Jumping Frog instructors
  • access to the base of music sets dedicated for Jumping Frog classes
  • insurance against accidents during the course
  • accommodation in a hotel with breakfast, dinner on the first day
  • recuperation after the first day of classes


The organizer does not provide transport for the course. The participants muse have their own transport.




The steel structure of a Jumping Frog trampoline has a regular hexagon shape with 133cm diagonally. The bar is screwed in the construction while the trampoline is mounted with the use of rubber lines. Total mass is less than 12kg. The maximum load on a single trampoline is 120kg. Designed and built by specialists. We provide high quality materials, constant control over the production process and attention to the smallest details.




We will adjust the look of our trampolines according to your expectations and needs. We can combine the color of the structure, rubber lines and tapes reinforcing the trampoline according to your expectations.


The Jumping Frog trampoline is equipped with bars which allow mounting expanders. Three fastening points: one at the front and two on each sides thanks to which the classes can be expanded and the number of exercises increased.


A hexagon trampoline with 100cm diagonally is attached to the structure with the help of rubber lines. The line connects the structure with the trampoline through 54 holes stitched in. The edge of the trampoline is strengthened with a special tape on both sides and guarantees dynamic bounce, silent work and strength. The legs of the trampoline are permanently attached to the structure, finished with small rubbers providing stability when used.


We provide transport of the trampolines to the specified address. Training your staff in terms of use, control and conservation of the device. The product comes with 24 months warranty. We provide service and repair of the devices through our service station.

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