Jumping Frog Master Trainer

A certified fitness instructor, a participant of a number of marathons and fitness conventions. She is a great lover of long-distance running, fitness and all kinds of physical activity. She has completed a number of courses and training. Among others are:

  • Fitness Instructor
  • Pilates Basic
  • Fitball
  • Functional Group Training
  • Dance Workshop with Tony Stone

For her, Jumping Frog is a way of combining training with great fun. She infects everyone with her positive attitude towards life.
She is in her final year as a student of pedagogy which translates into establishing and maintaining great relations both with participants in the classes and in the course.


“Wins only one who has a well-defined objective and irresistible desire for achieving it.”


Co-owner of the JUMPING FROG brand.

She is responsible for management and coordination of the Frog team. There is no one who would organize our work better, she is a goal-oriented leader, she maintaines good atmosphere in the group and convincingly motivates and encourage the workers to achieve goals and make clients satisfied.

Carefully, diligently and as soon as possible, she answers all your e-mails and messages. She is also responsible for running JUMPING FROG accounts in social media and for the project’s photo, graphic and audiovisual service.


Our main salesman who truly loves his work

He talks to you and diligently answers all your questions. An organizer and a coordinator of demonstration classes. He also organizes instructional courses and takes care of your satisfaction, general physical and mental state and comfort during them. He runs a training course in terms of marketing and organizing fitness events.

The creator of innovative solutions and using trampolines in fitness. He co-ordinates the process of their production, takes care of carrying out each order and keeping deadlines.

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